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Madrid Festivals in Summer

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August is holiday month in Spain and, of course, the city of Madrid.

August is also the month of the most traditional festival, famous and popular of the major festivals in Madrid: La Verbena de la Paloma, which is preceded by the Verbena de San Lorenzo and the Verbena de San Cayetano.


Undoubtedly, the most popular and typical festival celebrated in Madrid are the San Cayetano and the Virgen de la Paloma are held on the 7th August 15 respectively.

These festivals keep alive the old traditions and, somehow, make Madrid unlike any European capital, for in them you can even see the popular culture and the weight of roots and traditions in a cosmopolitan city like Madrid. Both take place in the traditional neighborhood of "El Rastro" and La Latina and its environs.


San Cayetano is considered standard of Providence and protector of women in labor.

On August 7 is the feast day of San Cayetano, whose image is in procession from the church that bears his name, located on Calle de Embajadores, at 20:00. The holyparade along the street, along the banks of Tanners and Cascorro Square to return thento the parish.

It is customary at this event, at the end of the procession (day 7 at 20.00 hours), the faithful take a flower from the carriage, as there is the belief that those who pray to the saint and pick a flower have bread and work all year

This belief is so widespread that many people, fear of not arriving on time, they throw onthe coach midway, resulting in a stampede last meters almost impossible to contain.
The streets of the neighborhood (San Cayetano, el Oso and Cabestreros) are decorated by the residents.

The main stage of the festival of San Cayetano is the Plaza de Cascorro
, orchestra andstage performances, exhibition stalls, catering, trade show booths and bars in the street. On  streets around "El Rastro" we see the procession of San Cayetano to the church on the street ambassadors. The San Cayetano and Oso Streets are decorated for the holiday.


The great feast of the Paloma is the 15th of August, but from dates before the temple grounds, where you pick up the painting of the Virgin, are already living the festivities in his honor.

The image of the Virgen de La Paloma
, who Isabel Tintero in 1790 placed in the doorway of her house has won the heart of the neighbors who came to her for healing, to instruct children and ask for protection for women who were awaiting the arrival of a new child."La Paloma, said Francisco Azorín, is not the patron saint of Madrid, but reigns fully in many humble hearts who live in the town."

The most central neighborhoods of the city
, such as La Latina and Lavapiés, will be filled of "chulapos" and "chulapas", outdoor bars and also what we are most interested us: the free activities.

Do you want to turn you into authentic "chulapas or chulapos"? So do not miss the "chotis" workshops organised by the Agrupaciones Castizas. Another great option for entertainment is to attend some of the competitions taking place every day of omelette, shawls, traditional costumes, poetry "castiza" ...

For children
there is entertainment of storytelling, puppets ... Every day at 20 pm in the Plaza de la Paja and the Plaza de las Vistillas.

You will find activities and outdoor bars in the squares of the plazas de la Cebada, Carros y la Paja, the Humilladero and Calatrava street,  Paloma Street and Vistillas and surrounding areas. This scenario held concerts and the famous "Verbena de la Paloma". The surroundings are taken by thousands of people doing bottle (according to the municipal permit). In the Calle Toledo bailey can also enjoy orchestra. Faced with the Great San Francisco stations and get trade show booths, raffles and booths to eat.

For those who wish to enjoy these holidays so popular, we suggest the following apartments are located in the heart of La Latina, which hosts the famous Rastro flea market and the festivals of San Cayetano and Paloma: Madrid Apartment Latina 1, Maldonados Apartment Madrid, Madrid Rastro 2 Apartment, etc.

Without a doubt, summer in Madrid offers interesting activities to make your visit unforgettable.
And do not forget that you will benefit from a discount of up to 20% in most of our apartments in Madrid.

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