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Madrid People


Madrid, Spain’s capital city, is the country’s largest with about 3 million inhabitants. Of these, at least 17% are immigrants and many Spaniards are from elsewhere. This means that people in Madrid are very friendly to fellow outsiders. If you ask anyone in Madrid about where are they from, you will find hard to find true "madrileño”. Nevertheless, the fact that there are few autochthonous madrileños makes it that much easier for outsiders to feel at home. In short, you don't have to be from Madrid to be a madrileño.

The central characteristic that unites Madrid people is easy to identify: they love to socialize. You will find people on the streets at all hours of the night, every night of the week. And, on the whole, Madrid's inhabitants are quite friendly and ready to welcome you to the fiesta with them.

The people of Madrid speak "castellano," also known simply as Spanish. Therefore, unlike many other parts of Spain, there is no regional language here. This makes it a great place to study Spanish - apart from the fact the good English speakers remain surprisingly few and far between.

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