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Madrid Tradition: the Christmas Lottery

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Christmas is widely celebrated in Spain as well as in other parts of the world. However, comparing with the Christmas celebrations in the Nordic countries, the differences are stark. In Spain, the celebration of Christmas begins on December 22, when the Special Drawing Christmas Lottery takes place.

The Christmas Lottery
 is currently one of the events more intensely Christmas lives in Madrid. It has become probably the game that arouses sympathy and passion, and that is undoubtedly part of this cherished holiday, which is the "kick" from the beginning of the same

Every tenth costs 20 €, but the tradition also sends "share
", and which share many interests, so that luck is dealt. And two are the "drums" of fate, of which the children of San Ildefonso excited will draw the numbers and awards.

The Draw takes place in the room draws the State Lotteries in Madrid
. During five hours of radio and television broadcast it. Bars, offices and factories operating at a slow pace. Millions of people open their ears to hear the children of Madrid Colegio San Ildefenso sing the winning numbers.

The "Gordo"

Across the country we hear the echoes of the radio broadcasting the voices of children reading the magic number of winning tickets. There are many walking more or less hysterical wandering on the eve of the celebration of Christmas. Simultaneously, the children sing in radio and television speakers throughout the country the numbers of winning tickets.

Christmas lottery is the world's largest
and more or less all the Spanish part. In addition, all dreaming the same thing, El Gordo, the highest prize. Since 2005, El Gordo is around 3 million Euro.

Origin of the Lottery

The initiator of the initiative and founding of the great national lottery was Charles III. Since 1892 he has held this Christmas Lottery so popular. Even took place during the civil war. Children singing the numbers of winning tickets are always students in the College of San Ildefenso of Madrid, a school established for orphaned children. This combines interest and charity in a Catholic spirit. The Christmas lottery is a popular tradition!

The sale of the draw period is the longest of the year. The government numbers are the first weeks of July. So perhaps the Christmas lottery is the best selling and most popular of the Sweepstakes.

Long queues
are to be put up to get a tenth in some of the most traditional authorities in Madrid, as Doña Manolita o La Pajarita. The Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol are also strategic points of sale, where lotteries are those that encourage passersby to participate.

Locals, visitors and tourists are made with at least a few tenths in the hope that their number the children of San Ildefonso I sing with joy.

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